Top Benefits of Practising Yoga in the Morning


If you have decided to commit your time to Northern beaches yoga, you may have heard that doing yoga in the morning is best. While it is okay to do yoga at any time, here are some benefits of doing it in the morning.

Doing yoga in the morning regulates your hormonal balance and your sleep rhythm Once you start practising yoga in the morning, your body will become accustomed to getting up very early at the same time every day. This means that you will awake the feeling of feeling more alert and energized. While practising yoga, your attention to meditation, breathing, and yoga poses has a positive effect on your endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for long-term maintenance of the body. It uses hormones and glands to keep you balanced. Some yoga poses to stimulate your pineal gland. The pineal gland excretes the melatonin hormone that regulates your sleep patterns. As you regulate your sleep patterns, the feeling of confusion once you wake up from sleep starts to disappear.

Morning yoga builds a healthy and consistent routine

According to studies, 90% of the people who do regular exercises more than three times a week are morning practitioners. When you establish a morning routine, it encourages you to stick with it. Most people live busy lives and our time is more valuable. It is therefore tough to fit in a yoga class during the day and by evening, things can come up to prevent us from attending yoga lessons or you are just feeling too tired to attend your yoga classes. Practising yoga in the morning provides outstanding relief. Doing yoga in the morning gives you the feeling of self-empowerment that comes from being self-disciplined in your routine and this brings about mental strength into other areas in your life. Practising yoga very early in the morning can help you build a consistent and healthy routine for your practice.

Doing yoga in the morning boosts your metabolism

Doing yoga very early in the morning warms up your digestive system and helps nutrients to move more easily through your body. This causes it to metabolize fats and carbs more quickly. Some amazing yoga twists can be for wringing out your digestive system. Practising such yoga poses first thing in the morning can awaken your belly easing any morning pains and aches.

Doing yoga in the morning is a great caffeine alternative

The breathing done during your early morning yoga practice can stimulate your mind and body. All of that fresh oxygen you inhale wakes up your brain and it can feel like a jolt of caffeine. However, unlike tea and coffee, the energy you get from yoga boosts you throughout the day. Early morning yoga practise makes you feel more energized throughout the day.

Morning stretching prevents achiness and injury

Northern Beaches yoga stretches and lengthens your tight body, preparing you for all movement throughout the day. For people who sit at a desk throughout the day, yoga in the morning counters those hours they spend sedentary.

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