6 Things you might not know about Physical Therapy


If you are asking the ‘which are the foremost physical therapy offices near me to choose from’ question, then you probably need the professional services of physical therapists. But lots of patients are ignorant of facts about these professionals and their services. This article brings a few things you might not know about therapy.

1. You could be evaluated/treated by a therapist without first seeing your doctor

This is referred to as ‘Direct Access’ and lots more regions are currently leaning towards it. This is as the physical therapy (PT) profession is expanding so rapidly with the need for an advanced degree.

2. Physical therapists alone can’t reduce your symptoms

When treating patients, it would have been great if there were a magic wand to be used to just wave over an ailing body part. Unfortunately, expert therapists are not magicians. PT is successful only when the therapist and his patient work together on developing a treatment plan to meet the patient’s goals.

3. No Pain, No Gain doesn’t always hold true

There are a couple of diagnoses in which this saying could turn out to be true, like when these experts are working on range of motion after a patient has undergone a knee replacement or when a patient has a frozen shoulder. Mostly, exercises and treatment need to be relatively pain-free. If a patient is being treated for an overuse injury in any of his tendons, or even lower back pain, he wants to steer clear of certain positions or movements that could aggravate his condition. This is so irrespective of the physical therapy clinic treating him.

4. It is crucial to perform your home exercise program

There’s a reason why your therapist spends effort and time to design a home program that is specifically for you. If you refuse to adhere to the recommendations of the expert during therapy or even after you’ve been discharged, then you will get to know your therapist quite well as you’ll be seeing him time and again for the same issue.

5. Physical therapy is not for post-surgery patients only

Frequently, people don’t know that PT is capable of fixing issues like chronic back pain, migraines, and nagging injuries. Therapists are trained to work on knees, ankles, shoulders, backs, necks, and elbows; your whole body from toes right up to the head. Surgery and pain medications are not the only options for decreasing suffering and pain. PT has been verified time and again to be the cheaper, and optimal resource for returning you to your desired life.

6. There are varying kinds of therapy that therapists can undertake

PT is a field that’s quite broad and comprises a truly wide range of different therapies, like orthopedic, cardiovascular, pulmonary rehabilitation, postoperative care, as well as neurological rehabilitation. Most of these experts undertake more than one of these categories.

In conclusion, if you’re asking the ‘which are the foremost physical therapy offices near me to choose from’ question, try to understand these points before going out to choose a provider. This is because getting to understand the points helps you to understand the precise kind of service you need. This saves you time, money, and effort greatly.

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