30 Best Retirement Poems for Colleagues

happy retirement poems

1. Now is the time to do
Everything you’ve always wanted to
Now is the time to enjoy
All the things which eluded you
Now is the time to catch up
With friends and family
Now is the time to show the world
That you’re an amazing retiree
Happy retirement

2. The most beautiful moments
You will treasure now
The most amazing of memories
You will gather and how
The best times of your life
You will now experience
The most precious joys
You will see in abundance
Your retirement is going to be
A roller coaster ride
This is what happens when
A person retires with pride

3. Now you will have no worries
And you won’t really have to care
All you have to do is enjoy
And spread joy everywhere
Now you will have nothing to do
And no responsibility
Make the most of your retirement
It’s the best place in life to be

4. It’s not the time to look back
With mere nostalgia
It’s the time to stir up
A crazy brouhaha
It’s not the occasion to
Look back at the times gone by
But think about how much
Higher you can fly
It is the time to seek
New horizons and pastures
Your retirement will be
A phase in life to remember

5. Your years in this company
Have marked a glorious phase
Your retirement has come too quickly
It has left us in a daze
It will be difficult to turn around
To see your cubicle empty
We thank you for being with us
And bringing prosperity

6. Nothing to do
You will be free
Be whatever
You want to be
Good luck for
Your retirement
I hope it is
Full of enjoyment

7. Life will now
Reward you heavily
You will have reasons
To celebrate continuously
It will bestow on you
The greatest of pleasures
For you now deserve to
Enjoy in large measures

8. Whether it is a Monday
A Friday night or a Sunday evening
For you it will all be the same
Days of the week will mean nothing
Whether it is early dawn
Dusk, afternoon or twilight
It won’t make a difference to you
Even if you keep awake all night
Because you are a lucky retiree
In your place, I want to be

9. Your boss annoyed you at work
Your grandkids will bother you in the house
Your colleagues irked you in the office
At home, you will be nagged by your spouse
Your manager got on your nerves
Your client kept you on your toes
Don’t expect retirement to be different
Everyone at home will add to your woes

10. Kudos to you for retiring with grace
For you have never left a trace
Of being sloppy or tired
Or getting an ultimatum of being fired
Not many can retire so dignified
All their lives, even if they tried
As you close the chapter of your career
It is time to celebrate with much cheer

11. Retirement is the best way
To take the liberty and say
That you are now carefree
And won’t take any responsibility
That you aren’t bothered anymore
You are liberated from the core
That you are going to chill out
Every rule, you will flout
That you will do what you desire
Today, as you finally retire

12. On your retirement
Don’t feel bad
It is a celebration
So don’t feel sad
It’s a great day today
So don’t be blue
You are so lucky
That you have no clue
Happy retirement

13. You are about to board
A really long flight
So put your seat belt on
Clutch the armrest tight
The flight will take you to
A beautiful destination
It’s called Retirement
Life’s longest vacation

14. Now you can laze around
And sip on your coffee
You can strut around the house
In just your jammies and a tee
It is now that you will enjoy
Time ticking by slowly
To retire to such a life
You are really lucky

15. My envy for you knows no end
Although you are my colleague and friend
My jealousy for you is ever-increasing
Because you are finally retiring
You will get to relax and unwind
And get your peace of mind
While I struggle, slog and toil
Till my blood comes to a boil
I wish you hearty congratulations
Your retirement calls for celebrations

16. Your contribution to our lives
Will never be forgotten
Your love for us all these years
Has spoilt us rotten
Your encouragement all this time
Has kept us motivated
Your cheerful company has
Always kept us satiated
We are sad and grumpy
To let you leave like this
We wish you a happy retirement
May your life be full of bliss

17. Burn more, eat less
Smother your life with happiness
Chill out and read more
That won’t make your life a bore
Be active and keep busy
That will keep you from being lazy
Do a little of everything
Don’t waste time doing nothing
Pick a hobby, don’t just sit
Enjoy your retirement to every bit

18. Panic, pressure and chaos
A warning from the boss
Deadlines not being met
Targets not being set
Clients leaving unhappy
Work being done untimely
This is going to be the way
We will be spending each day
At office, without your supervision
We will lose our direction
Please don’t retire so early
We need you to function smoothly

19. I have respected and admired
For the way you inspired
Everyone in the company
You have made us all see
That hard work always pays
And goodwill always stays
Courage keeps you in good stead
Ensuring prosperity ahead

20. Congratulations for retiring
You are finally free
From the shackles of deadlines
And phones that ring constantly
Congratulations for completing
Life’s most hectic tenure
A fantastic time awaits you
Of that I am sure

21. Retirement is a mix
Of many things
It is a phase of life
Which is quite something
Sometimes it is a vacuum
And sometimes emptiness
But overall it is
A big bowl of happiness
Often it causes
A little insomnia
Other time it leads
To a bit of dementia
But all in all it is
The most awesome thing ever
May your retirement bring
Happiness forever

22. Playing with grandkids
Walking the doggie
Weeding the garden
Sipping on hot coffee
Sprucing up the garage
Watching TV
You are going to become
A lucky retiree

23. We’ll imagine you by our side
When times at work are rough
We will miss having you in the team
When the going gets tough
It is a big loss for us
To see the best employee go
We will always miss you
In all our highs and lows

24. You must be very satisfied
That you’ve had such a good run
You must be very happy
That you’ve managed to get so much done
You must be very pleased
That you’ve have such fine innings
Your retirement truly is
An occasion worth celebrating

25. You have retired
From your work life
But you haven’t yet retired
From pampering your wife
You have retired
From being an employee
But you haven’t retired
From your household duties
In reality you have not
Retired after all
For whatever it’s worth
I hope you have a ball

26. There are many things
Worth celebrating
There are many moments
Worth remembering
In your career span
So illustrious
On this occasion
So momentous
Thank you for being
Such a wonderful workmate
Your retirement is a reason
Enough to celebrate

27. It is time to say goodbye
To all your colleagues and mates
And enter that phase of life
Which has come after a long wait
It is now time to pack up
And accept our adieu
Have a happy retired life
Congratulations to you

28. A long innings of your life
You have completed
This golden period
You’ve always awaited
Relaxing and unwinding
Is all you have to do
Best wishes for your retirement
Congratulations to you

29. Welcome to the world
Of waking up late
Being disoriented
And forgetting the date
Get into the habit
Of having lots of fun
Not being answerable
To a single person
Happy retirement

30. The second meaning
Of retirement
Is to double up
Your fun and enjoyments
Retirement is
A synonym for
Lots of joy
And happiness galore


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