I Love You Poems for Son: Poetry for Son


The happiest moments of my life
I owe to you entirely
Without you I would’ve been
So sad and lonely
The best memories of my life
Will always bear your name
For after you were born
My life was never the same
I love you son

When you will be
A charismatic leader
When you will create
An impressive future
When you will become
A dashing millionaire
Yielding your charms
As a debonair
When you will be named
Man of the Year
My eye will lose
A precious tear
I love you son

There is nothing in this world
That I badly want
For I already have something
That I can proudly flaunt
A son like you along with
The gift of being a father
Nothing else in this world
Can make my life better
I love you

You are the reason
For me to breathe
Even though you give me
Reasons to seethe
You are the reason
For me to enjoy
For you will always be
My naughty little boy
You’ll be my favorite
No matter what
Because I’ll always
Love you a lot

There are so many emotions
That I want to express
For the way in which
You’ve given me happiness
There are so many metaphors
That I want to apply
To our relationship which I will
Cherish until I die
I love you

You are the one
I cannot bear to lose
Without you life would be
An ocean of blues
You are the person
I cannot live life without
That much I know
Without any doubt
To me you’ve always meant
The entire universe
Without you life would be
Nothing less than a curse
I love you son

From the day I held you
In my palm
On me you wielded
Your irresistible charm
From the day I rocked you
In my lap
You ensnared me
In your loving trap
The day you addressed
Me as daddy
I jumped around the house
I was so happy
The fact that you are
My loving son
Has made every regret
Come undone
I love you

Destiny has been
Very kind to me
It has given me a son
To always keep me happy
Fate has also been
Very generous
For giving me a son
Like you who is precious
Life in its entirety
Has been so benevolent
By giving us a son like you
To liven up every moment
I love you

Full of hopes and dreams
You are my treasure chest
Amongst everyone out there
You are the very best
Full of laughs and cheer
You are my gift box
With your contagious smile
You help me to detox
Full of love and affection
You are my biggest reward
For giving me a son like you
I will always thank the Lord
I love you

The most glittering diamonds
Would seem pale
The most exotic gourmet dishes
Would seem stale
The brightest of colors
Would seem dreary
The toughest of troubles
Would seem puny
In front of you, dear son
Nothing is more momentous
You are the only person
Most important to us
We love you

Dear son, I want you to know
Day after day, as you grow
Lose your fears, not your confidence
Make meaning of, your existence
Say goodbye, to every worry
Live life king size and be carefree
These are words, that may be few
But to live well, they will guide you
I love you

I can’t put into words
How much I love you
But it’s enough to fill
The skies above so blue
How happy you make me
I cannot express
Without you my life
Would be worthless
I love you

Today we want to
Say something
We love you for just about
From all your tantrums
To each antic
Seeing you grow
Has been fantastic
From your quirky traits
To your funny ways
Son, we fondly remember
Your childhood days
We love you

My heart is full
Of love and respect
For a son like you
So flawlessly perfect
My spirit is bursting
With admiration
Because of you our life
Is a grand celebration
I love you

From your first birthday
To your very last
Until the present
All the way from the past
I have cherished
Every bit of your journey
Feeling blessed to have been
Given this opportunity
Even the future I know
Will be equally bright
With a son like you
Everything will be right
I love you

Day by day as you grow
There is something I want you to know
I’ll be there for you no matter what
For you are the one I love a lot
I will always be by your side
In your actions, I will take pride
As you progress and move ahead
Don’t ever forget what I’ve said
I love you

Just like how cheese is
The perfect accompaniment to wine
You are my perfect son
Who makes my life so fine
Just like how mayo is
A perfect accompaniment to salad
You are not just my son
But also my best bud
Just like how salt and pepper
Are a perfect pair
Thinking of my life without you
I wouldn’t even dare
I love you

By becoming a father
The happiness I have gained
No matter how hard I try
In words, it can’t be explained
If my life so far
Was to be summed up in a day
Your birth was the break of dawn
Which purged the darkness away
I love you

Being parents to a son like you
Is never cumbersome, never a chore
It is never a hassle, never a problem
It is never tiring, never a bore
Being parents to a son like you
Is always satisfying, always so loving
It is always so tender, always so peaceful
It is always fulfilling, always keeps us smiling
We love you

You are my little son
My bundle of joy and fun
You are my good luck charm
My multipurpose healing balm
You are my thumping pulse
Without you, I’d convulse
You make life worth it
I love you to every bit

Now I know
The real reason
Why you were born
My dear son
It is because we were
Destined to be happy
And live life as
A perfect family
We love you

We’ve had our share
Of fights and quarrels
But that doesn’t make
Our relationship less special
We’ve had enough moments
Of disagreements
But that doesn’t decrease
The value of our attachment
Just because we have
Too much love for each other
No differences can stop
Us from being together
I love you son

From the day you picked
Your first toy
To the day you became
A big boy
From the day you went
To school on your own
Until the day you bought
A new home on loan
I have enjoyed
Every bit of your journey
I want you to know
How proud you’ve made me
I love you

Our troubles disappear
When we see your smile
With you our life seems
Totally worthwhile
Everything falls in place
When you come to the rescue
We don’t know what we
Would do without you
Thanks for being the son
Who makes us want to fly
Without your presence
We would surely die
I love you

In your aunt’s eyes you are a hero
In you uncle’s eyes, a little boy
A handsome prince you are for your granny
For your grandpa, a cuddly toy
In your sister eyes, you are her protector
A plaything, in your brother’s view
But to us you mean the world
There’s no one more important than you

On Twitter
I cannot stop ranting
About your antics
So cute and loving
On Pinterest
I cannot stop pinning
Quotes about sons
That are worth reading
On Instagram
I cannot stop sharing
Pictures of you
So endearing
For I am obsessed
With you, dear son
You are the reason
My life is so fun
I love you

To see you growing up so well
Gives us great pleasure
We feel proud to be addressed
As your mother and father
To see you become a good man
Gives us an great high
We’ll have a smile on our faces
Even when both die
We love you

The best job in the world
Has been that of a father
A role like this
There is no other
Where each day is
Like a promotion
Where there is no need
Of motivation
The returns I get
In doing a job like this
Give me happiness
With total bliss
I love you

When I sit back
To relax in the patio
There’s only one thing
Which I realize and know
That life is good because
I have you in it
For this I need to thank
God to every bit
I wouldn’t have the chance
To be so carefree
If a son like you hadn’t
Been bestowed on me
I love you

Sometimes we bicker
After which we laugh for a bit
Then we might just become
Enemies the next minute
Sometimes we sob
Then we may hug tight
Following it with an argument
Which would last all night
This is the typical story
Of a mother-son duo
How much they love each other
Deep within, even they know
I love you

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