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Love Poems for Wife: A woman takes up many roles in her life, and the role of a wife is probably the most special after motherhood. Throughout the past 10 decades, the role of a wife has been drastically changed. They are no longer chained to the kitchen and are free and empowered to choose whatever they want to do with their life and play whatever role they prefer in their marriage. And it’s really important for you to celebrate them not just as your partner but also as a human being. Normally a person just wishes their wife on selected occasions like wedding anniversaries or birthdays etc. But, it’s even more important to wish them out of the blue on a seemingly normal day with some Romantic poems for her to let them know how much loved they are. Some Love poems for wife can do magnificent things for her.

1) There is not a single thing
About you that I don’t admire
You provoke a spark me
Lighting a luminous fire
You make me want to strive
To reach for the very best
You give me the courage
To pass life’s tricky tests
You make me feel like a king
Who gets what he wants in life
Thanks for this amazing journey
I love you, my dear wife

2) You’ve made me change
The way I look at things
You’ve given me the belief
To blindly trust my instincts
You’ve instilled faith
In me like never before
Helping me to rise
Above petty things and soar
I’ve come this far because
You’ve always been with me
I can’t imagine what life
Without you would be
I love you

3) A healing massage
Or a session of aromatherapy
As relaxing as your touch
Would never ever be
Neither the life of a king
Nor a luxurious holiday
Would compare to the feeling
Of being with you in any way
I love you

4) Pounding heartbeat
Throbbing blood in my veins
When I miss you
Everything inside me pains
Sweat on my brow
A quickening pulse in my body
That what’s the thought does
Of you not being there beside me
I love you

5) To love you there are
Many reasons
Not one, not two
But at least a million
To lust after you there are
Lots of amazing ways
So much so that I am
Short of those many days
To want you, the motives
That I have, are countless
My journey of loving you
Will always be endless
I love you

6) You‘re the right in my life
That removes every wrong
You’re the power in my life
That makes everything strong
You’re the remedy of my life
That cures every illness
You’re the calm in life
That diffuses all my stress
You’ve always believed
In everything I’ve done
You aren’t just my everything
You are my number one
I love you

7) How do you always manage to
Free my day of stress and sorrow
How do you always manage to
Give me hope for a better tomorrow
How do you always manage to
Uplift my spirits and set me free
How do you always mange to
Bring out the best in me
How do you always manage to be
Such a wonderful and beautiful wife
I hope in return, I can also give you
A wonderful and beautiful life
I love you

8) Ideal, best and perfect
Even these words cannot suffice
For describing aptly
A wife like you, so nice
A marriage made in heaven
Even that isn’t the right phrase
To describe our love
It deserves much greater praise
The reason behind all this
Is none other than you
Without your love and support
I would be so blue
I love you

9) I don’t care about money
I don’t care about wealth
I don’t care about happiness
I don’t care about wealth
I don’t care about peace
I don’t care about security
I don’t care about riches
I don’t care about prosperity
Because all of this
Will come naturally
As long as I have
You beside me
I love you

10) When I begin to think of reasons
Of why I am a luck guy
I come up with several answers
That make me hold my head up high
It is not our beautiful home
Or the fact that I have a nice car
Yes, I have an awesome job
But that’s not why I have come so far
The most precious thing I have
Is the woman I call my wife
She is the one who makes
Everything worthwhile in my life
I love you

11) Inspiration…Is what you give me daily
Resurrection…Is what your love has done to me
Motivation…Is what your hugs give me to succeed
Stronger…I’ve become after getting married
Happy…Is how I feel every single day
Satisfied…Is what you make me feel in every way
Committed…Is what I’ll always be to you in life
Lucky…Is what I am to have you as my wife
I love you

12) There aren’t many words
That can describe aptly
How much I love you
And what you mean me
There are no phrases
That can encapsulate
How you make my life
A reason to celebrate
There aren’t any quotes
Which justify our romance
Baby just looking at you
Puts me in a heavenly trance
I love you

13) On our wedding day I made
A promise, sealed with a kiss
To keep you happy forever
And never let our bond sever
Devoted, is every day of my life
To make you feel like the luckiest wife
Every wish that enters your thoughts
I’ll try to fulfill, no matter what
I love you

14) The secret behind my existence
I have finally found
I’ve figured out what makes
My world spin around
It is a woman who I
Proudly call my wife
She’s the one responsible
For my perfect life
I love you

15) Even the sun would be brighter
If it learnt a thing or two
About how it can spread more light
From none other than you
Even the stars would sparkle more
If they observed your beauty
About learn how they too can
Be a little more glitzy
Even the moon can be more radiant
If it took a few pointers
About how it can glow more
From none other than you, my dear
I love you

16) My chest swells with pride
When I see you as a professional
My heart overflows with joy
To see you as a mom, so exceptional
My ego gets a boost
When I see you manage everything
My confidence skyrockets
When I see you fail at nothing
I love you not just because
You are so amazing in every way
But because you make me love
My life more and more each day
I love you

17) Forget all those beauty pageants
That look so fake and silly
The titles they give out
Mean nothing really
The title that means the most
Is of the Most Amazing Person Ever
Which would be given to you
The woman I’ll love forever

18) Your smile
Is like a bulb of a thousand watts
For you, my beautiful lady
I’ll always have the hots
Your eyes
Are luminescent like a bright light
I would never let you
Out of my sight
Your heart
Is like an ocean of love
You are like an angel
Sent from the heavens above
I love you

19) Help me out of this pain
These questions are driving me insane
I don’t know what I should love more
Or what I should adore
Your soul or your beautiful eyes
Your wit or your personality, so nice
Your smile or your beautiful face
Your spark or your sensual gaze
To love you isn’t an easy task
A little help from you is all I ask
After you help me make a choice
I’ll heave a sigh of relief and rejoice
I love you

20) If you were a celebrity
I’d be your biggest fan
If you were the sun
I’d be the awesome tan
If you were an actress
I’d be the camera
If you were a candle
I would be a spa
Whatever you would be
I would be your ally
In short, without you
I would surely die
I love you

21) I know that being a wife and a mother
Is not as easy as it seams
I want to thank you for making
My life more surreal than a dream
I just want to look in your eyes
To tell you how special you are
Your love is what makes us tick
From you, I’d never want to stay far
I love you

22) A thread connects you and me
A thread so magical, that no one else can see
It binds us together in the strongest ways
Protecting us from the toughest of days
That miraculous thread is our marriage
Of being together, it has made me pledge
To which I’ll abide no matter what
My dearest wife, I love you a lot

23) If my love for you was
If my affection for you was
If my commitment to you was
If my attraction for you was
You’d realize that you’re
And my love for you is
I love you

24) Spring as a season
Would be dull and dreary
If you weren’t around
To make it flowery for me
Summer would be no fun
It would be so boring and bland
I wonder how I would survive
Can’t even begin to understand
Winter would be worse
Very gloomy and blue
It would be more horrible
To spend it without you
Every season of my life
Is beautiful with your presence
Without you there would be
No meaning to my existence
I love you

25) You make every day of my life worth living
A constant celebration, like Christmas or Thanksgiving
Your love makes every bit of my life special
Living with you makes it so exceptional
With a new pair of eyes, you make me see everything
Being with you, makes me fly with wings
I don’t know without you what I’d do
All I know is that I really love you

26) I love you not just because you are
The mother of my children
Or because you are the only
Reason why my life is so fun
I love you not just because
You know exactly what I need
I love you because without you
My heart would crumple and bleed
I love you

27) It isn’t my fault
At you, if you I keep staring
I am not to be blamed
On you, if I keep waiting
Don’t look at it as a blunder
If we lap up some PDA
It is not my problem
If I flirt with you in teeny ways
It is not my mistake
If I act too haughtily
I ought to do these things
For I have such a pretty wifey
I love you

28) Even if I move mountains
Even if I cross the seas
Even if I soar into the skies
Even if the Gods, I do appease
Even if I walk on water
Even if I conquer vast lands
The endless depth of my love for you
No one will ever understand
I love you

29) If there was a competition or a test
To find out a wife, who’s the very best
Hands down darling, it would be you
If not, the results wouldn’t be true
There also is no doubt about the fact
That our marriage is a magical pact
I hope you never stop loving me
As we cherish our blissful destiny
You are my joy and absolute pride
In my heart, you will forever reside
I love you

30) There have been days
When we have fought
Even though we love
Each other a lot
There have been moments
When we’ve had feelings of hate
But those feelings now
It is time to abate
For the plain truth
Is crystal clear
That I cherish my life
Only because you’re here
I love you


And if you want to do so, then what is a better way than poetry to express your feelings to your precious one. Now, we know it’s pretty difficult for most of us to write even a short message of appreciation forget about poetry, which is why we are here to help you with some handpicked Love poems for wife. These Romantic poems for her will melt her heart and make her fall for you all over again.

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