20 Best Inspirational Poems for Students


As a wise man once said, “Motivation is like a shower; we need it every other day to stay on the line.” Every day, we face different problems while we have the same perspective and same set of solutions to try and solve them. It is tough to keep up with the ever-changing world challenging us on various levels every day. Lack of motivation is a big problem for students and struggling youngsters. Life is a challenging pursuit, and it can bring down the strongest of the people. This is why it is very important to keep your motivational juices filled up by any means; be it inspirational poemsmotivational quotes, or another motivational song by the ‘Imagine dragons’.

1. Homework might seem
Boring and of little value
But put your heart into it
It’ll teach you things new
Homework, ain’t homework
Unless you look at it so
It’s an opportunity to learn
An opportunity to grow

2. Life isn’t made
In a day or two
Don’t let tough times
Bring out the monster in you
Life is a journey
Not an easy climb
It is like a ladder
One rung at a time

3. Stop worrying about
What everyone else is doing
Just keep your focus
On where you want to be going
Believe in moving forward
No matter how slow
Change, takes a lot of time
Progress, even more so

4. It’s ok to fall down
It is ok to make mistakes
It is ok to fail
It’s ok to have the shakes
It’s ok to not know everything
It is ok to feel sad
Relax, let it go, it’s not the end
Life ain’t that bad
Keep going, keep grinding
Even when you hit a wall
Because you’re in it
For the long haul

5. Education is like life
And vice versa too
It’s a long journey, that
Can make or break you
Shortcuts to success
There are none
It’s always hard work
That pays in the long run

6. As a student, the world may seem
A harsh place to you, right now
No doubt, life comes with its challenges
That sometimes, pin you down and how
It isn’t meant to be easy, never was
To survive is tough, to win is tougher
But give it all you got, give life a chance
Good things come, to those who work harder

7. It’s ok to feel lost
That’s life, with its ups and downs
It’s ok to feel sad
Sometimes, smiles give way to frowns
It’s ok to fail
Not every day is meant to be won
As long as you persevere
You’ll be second to none

8. Education has a value
That sometimes cannot be quantified
If you ever doubt your journey
Look within, instead of looking outside
Deep inside your heart
Lie answers to all questions of life
No one else but you and your goals
Will keep you afloat in strife
Keep working hard
Focus on your long term goal
Its not the excuses that count
But the fire in your soul

9. You can be smarter
You can be sharper
You can be stronger
You can be a starter
You can be faster
You can be wiser
But nothing will change
Until you work harder

10. So you failed, that ain’t a bit deal
Stop the excuses, stop taking names
Toughen up, get back on your feet
Jordan missed 9000 shots, lost 300 games
Part and parcel of life, is failure
Don’t run away, keep trying again
Ruthless, how much life may seem
In the end, the win is worth the pain

11. Being a student
Ain’t that easy
But hey, it was
Never meant to be
Stop the excuses
They ain’t setting you free
Just focus and be
The best you can be

12. Education does not guarantee success
But it lays the foundation for much more
It empowers you in a way nothing else can
It gives you wings, to rise and soar
Learning is a continuous process
Overnight, results cannot be seen
Keep learning, as the years pass by
You’ll be the strongest you’ve ever been

13. Struggle today
For a better tomorrow
Hard work pays
You should always know
No matter how tough
May seem the climb
Keep moving, keep fighting
One win at a time
Perseverance and patience
Go a long way
Because for the sunrise, even
The longest nights make way

14. Life may be tough
Things will get rough
There will be bad days
Life may seem like a haze
But through it all
Always, always stand tall
Giving up is not an option
Never turn your back and run
Through good times and bad
Through happy times and sad
As long as you keep moving
You’ll never stop growing

15. If you really want something
If you want it bad enough
Working hard ain’t gonna cut it
You also gotta be tough
No, this ain’t some street-side rap
This is the fact of life yo
Go to school, study like a boss
Success will follow

16. A Student
What does it mean to be one
Books and exams
Is that all there is to it hun?
No, replied the wise man
For, with a smile, he said
We are all students
Till the time we’re dead
Metaphorical, may this story be
But his words can’t be truer
Nothing can stop you in life
As long as you are a learner

17. Study hard today
For a better tomorrow
Learn and absorb
Let curiosity glow
Life is a long battle
Sometimes a tad too cruel
In the end, it pays off
To winners in school

18. So what if you made
A mistake, life doesn’t stop
So what, if you had a setback
You can still get back on top
Failure is temporary
And by the way, so is success
Nothing else matters
When all you seek is progress

19. Funny it is, being a student
Being told what to do
Not just at college or school
But at home too
All this, is it really worth it
You may ask yourself, and rightly so
Doing what your teachers and parents say
Will it really help you grow
Reasonable, are these doubts
But to find out, there’s only one way
Build yourself, on all that you learn
And keep learning more, day after day
Be aware, chase what you want
Trust your intuitions, trust your goal
Nothing stops you from being great
As long as you got that fire in your soul

20. When a dollar note is crumpled
It doesn’t lose its value
Remember that
When someone belittles you
No matter how much, right now
Life feels like a mess
Never ever forget, there is
No sweeter revenge than success


So to keep your busy schedule in mind and not to take much of your time off the table, we have already selected some of the best inspirational poems for a student here on our site. These inspirational poems will help you boost your morale to such high levels that you can’t think of anything else but your goals. So here is your sign of buckling up and eat every book on your study table to realize the goals you are aiming for. 

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