I Miss You Poems for Boyfriend: Poems about Missing Him


1. My biggest fear in life
Was to be away from you
I’ve been living a nightmare
Since that came true
Day after day, life is stuck
In loneliness and misery
Why did fate have to
Take you away from me
I miss you

2. I miss you at night
I miss you during the day
Please do something
And find a way
To end my pain
And calm the agony
Soon and often
You must meet me
I can’t bear the distance
I can’t handle the stress
I need hugs from the guy
Who calls me princess

3. In loneliness’ deep chasm, I’m falling
In dark and murky waters, I’m drowning
In sadness’ numbing void, I’m suffocating
In heartbreak’s ruthless rage, I’m suffering
Pull me out baby, from this shattering agony
A hug from you is all it will take, to save me
I miss you

4. All day long
I endlessly doodle
I Keep surfing
Aimlessly on Google
A zombie of sorts
Is what I have become
Only your hugs can, again
Make my life awesome
I miss you

5. Being with you
Is be like a dream come true
But leaving you and staying away
Is a like having nightmares during the day
I want to meet you so that we
In each other’s arms, can be
To catch up on the time, we both lost
Bring back happiness in our lives, at any cost
I miss you and I want to see you soon
So that in her boyfriend’s arms, this girlfriend can swoon

6. Just like how night
Turns into day
And for light
Darkness makes way
We are both
Two sides of a coin
With our hearts
Inseparably joined
I miss you
In a way so bad
That it is making me
Go completely mad

7. Like a
Day without sunshine
Morning without coffee
Song without beats
Life, without memories
Rainbow without colors
Forest without trees
Is how empty I feel
When you are not with me
I miss you

8. I wish I could hug you right now
But the distance will never allow
I feel like kissing you on the cheek
Being apart has made me weak
I wish I could hold your hand
I desperately hope you understand
How much I need you here
To stop my tears
I miss you

9. Missing you and meeting you in my dreams
Is what my life has come to, it seems
Thinking of you night and day
Is the trick I use to keep stress at bay
I wonder how much further I will be able to pull
Life with your absence, is far from being happy or full
The fact that you’re away, has created a void so nasty
That every day is spent is pain and agony
I miss you

10. Just like how snow can never be black
And nights can never be white
I cannot sleep without getting a hug
From you, with all your might
I just cannot describe the feeling
I get when I start missing you
It is as if an arrow has been shot
Piercing my heart through and through
I miss you

11. Like leaves lined
With drops of dew
My eyes become moist
When I think of you
Your thoughts are the
Only thing on my mind
Back to the good times
I wish I could rewind

12. When I see your pictures on Instagram
I feel that my whole life is turning into a scam
Every tweet of yours, I closely follow
Until my own tears, I have to swallow
Your updates in my Facebook feed
Make my heart weep and bleed
I can’t take this any more
Being away from you has made me sore
I miss you

13. I can’t sleep
I’m turning and twisting
I don’t want to watch TV
Or do anything
I can’t eat
My stomach burns
I can’t think straight
My mind begins to churn
Even though we’ve been
Just a few hours apart
Staying away feels like
The pain of a piercing dart
I miss you

14. There are moments when I
Go blank in the head
There are hours when I
Just roll around in bed
There are times when I
Feel dazed out and alone
There are minutes that stretch
Into hours, so lone
Without you, time extends
So painfully infinitely
All I need are your hugs
Baby I miss you badly

15. If missing you was a job
I would excel at it
Because I miss you always
Whether I stand or sit
If missing you was a pastime
It would be my favorite hobby
Because I miss you whether
I am free or busy
If missing you was a task
I would perform it well
Because it is in your thoughts
That I constantly dwell
I miss you

16. My mind goes completely crazy
Into a state of confusion and delusion
The moment I start missing you
I find myself in a terrible position
I always thought and believed
That I was mentally very strong
Until now when I realize that I
Was completely wrong

17. I realized how much I love you
Only after you have gone away
Now that I am missing you terribly
I don’t know what to do or what to say
I never knew the true meaning
Of feeling empty from inside
Until I started missed you so much
Since then, I have constantly cried
I miss you

18. The stars can stop shining
The sun may turn purple or blue
But I will never find out
How to stop missing you
Falling in love with you taught me
How to value your presence
But it did not teach me
How to deal with your absence

19. How much I miss you
When you are not with me
It is difficult to express
Without sounding cheesy
But even when we are
Apart for just a few minutes
I feel lost and confused
At the end of my wits
I don’t care how much time
We spent together today
I start missing you
The very second you walk away

20. Your void in my life, ever since you left
Has caused an unstoppable emotional leakage
My heart and mind are never in-sync
And I am shivering as I write this message
My heart is crying because it is alone
It is weeping, without making a sound
My soul if burdened with sad emotions
Which feel heavier, than a thousand pounds
I miss you

21. College sucks because it has
Kept me away from you
I would be such a mess
Is something I never knew
All my excitement
Has now been washed away
For I’ve realized that without you
I can’t even spend a single day
The semester’s end
Is what I’m waiting for
For all my pains and miseries
Seeing you is the only cure
I miss you

22. When I miss you
I miss a part of me
My life is shattered
This is what it has come to be
Baby all I want you to do
Is hold me in your arms
My heart is craving
To succumb to your charms

23. All the pictures of you and me
Are a sweet reminder of the good times
It was when we could be together
Life, was like a sweet poetry in perfect rhyme
But now that you’ve gone away
Everything has been thrown askew
Plunged, in a painful sense of chaos
My life, can only be set straight by you
I miss you

24. The worst part about missing you
Is the feeling of being alone
It brings tears in my eyes
In pain, it makes me moan
Your hugs and kisses
Are what kept me smiling
But here I am, rotting away
Baby, you’re my everything

25. On my blog, Facebook and Instagram
Have you gone through the updates
If you have, you will know
That I am sick of this wait
When will you come back
When will we meet
When will I get a hug from you
When will we share moments, so sweet
This poem is to let you know
That my life has come to a dead end
And unless we meet again soon
There is no way it can mend
I miss you

26. I am tired of meeting you
Again and again in my dreams
To meet you in person
My heart is bursting at the seams
My mind and my soul
Desperately need a sweet treat
I miss you so much
Baby, when will we meet?
Without you

27. Missing you has become second nature for me
The holes in my heart, you cannot see
Endlessly I sit and stare
At things or people, who might not even be there
Baby I can’t breathe any more, I am suffocating
Without you, I am nothing
Meet me soon, so that my heart can heal
Pain, is all that I can feel

28. Sweet tastes sour
And nothing in this world
Seems worthy enough to devour
Coffee and hot chocolate
Just doesn’t taste the same
Going out to have ice cream
Feels boring and pretty lame
Without your awesome hugs
Life has turned monochrome
I’m like a lost puppy
Desperately searching for a home
I miss you

29. My heart aches for you
My eyes cry for you
My senses long for you
I, feel numb without you
My smiles wither without you
My soul thirsts for you
My body shivers without you
Please, tell me what to do
I miss you

30. I feel we have been so apart
Even though you recently called
You have been gone so long
That time seems to have stalled
You are physically so far
That my world has crumbled
In your absence, my life
Seems to have fumbled
I keep missing you
Along with your love’s zest
Please come back so that I can
Just drown in you and forget the rest
I miss you

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