I Love You Poems for Daughter: Poetry to Her


1. To see you all grown up
Full of confidence and beauty
To see you all mature
So suave and savvy
To see you so successful
In your life’s prime
I feel proud of myself
As a parent all the time
I love you

2. A daughter is like a treasure trove
Full of smiles, laughter and love
She is like an antique wooden chest
Filled with memories that are the best
Just like a colorful a box of sweets
A daughter is full of delights and treats
I feel blessed to have such a daughter
Here’s hoping I can be a worthy father
I love you

3. Real beauty does not lie
In makeup or lipstick
Nor does it lie in good clothes
Or any other gimmick
Beauty lies in the radiance
Of your lovely smile
Which is so innocent that
It makes hearts stop for a while
No matter what happens
Don’t let this innocence go
The fact that I’ll always love you
Daddy wants you to know

4. You make us smile widely
You make us laugh heartily
You make our lives a smooth ride
You make us puff up with pride
You make us feel so grateful
You also make us feel beautiful
Dear daughter, you have become
The one who makes our lives awesome
We love you

5. I am fond of you because
You think I am the strongest
If there was such a word
You would call me the bestest
I adore you because
You make me feel like a hero
Like a magician with a wand
Who can take away your sorrow
I love you because
You are my princess
The source of all
My joy and happiness
I love you… from dad

6. My darling daughter
Without you
Even a single day
I cannot make do
My sweet princess
Without you
My life wouldn’t be able
To continue
I love you

7. I will stick by you, even when you are wrong
I will comfort you, when your nights are long
I will be next to you, in times of sorrow
I will make you smile, when you feel low
I will watch over you, when you are weak
I will guide you, when the future looks bleak
I will be there for you, whenever you need me
I will always love you, my beloved baby

8. Dear daughter…
In you, I believe
For you, new dreams I weave
In you, I trust deeply
For you, my vision is lofty
In you, I have confidence
For you, I want joy in abundance
In you, I have a strong hope
For you, with anything I can cope
I love you

9. I love you for what you are
And what you can be
I love you for the potential
In you, that I can see
I love you for standing up
For what you believe in
I love the way you trust
Your voice from within
I love you for being
Such a caring person
Dear daughter, you are
Nothing but awesome
I love you

10. My life wouldn’t have been
Such a joyful ride
If you wouldn’t have always
Been by my side
My journey wouldn’t have been
So meaningful and memorable
If not for a daughter like you
Who is so truly special
I love you

11. To my dearest daughter…
I want you to be little
Forever and ever
I want you to grow up
Absolutely never
In my loving arms
I want you to always stay
I don’t want you to
Ever go away
I love you

12. I love you like there is
No tomorrow
Without you I would
Feel really low
I love you like no other
Person ever could
I love you like any other
Proud parent should
I will always love my daughter
Until my dying day
These feelings that I have for you
Is all that I wanted to convey
I love you

13. Sometimes I wonder
What good I must have done
To get a daughter like you
Such a wonderful one
Sometimes I can’t stop thinking
What blessings I must have got
To get a daughter like you
Who loves me a lot
But then I realized that I
Could probably be
God’s favorite child who got
An angel for a baby
I love you

14. I want your every passion
Each and every ambition
To be fulfilled with dedication
And fervent devotion
For which I will give you motivation
Along with lots of inspiration
So that you live life with conviction
As your father, this is my life’s vision
I love you

15. Little dolls grow up
To be beautiful girls like you
But the ones that grow up
To be swans are very few
Little girls take no time
In becoming princesses vain
But you have never let
Your dignity wane
Graceful and intelligent
You have grown up to be
You are truly treasured
By your mommy and daddy
We love you

16. The gift that God gave me
For being a good mother
Is a baby like you who turned out
To be the world’s best daughter
The rewards that God gave me
For being a loving parent
Is a wonderful child like you
Who gives no reason for lament
But the biggest prize
On me, which God bestowed
Is your innocent smile
Which sees me through life’s lows
I love you

17. Everyone is
Meant to be
A mix of sweet
And savory
But you my darling
Are sweet all the way
You make my life
Worth living everyday
I love you

18. I fear the day
You will go to college
I can’t even imagine
The day of your marriage
Yes, I am a bit protective
But only because I am your dad
Every moment spent apart
Will make me nothing but sad
I love you

19. All the things in life
That I couldn’t do
Will be completed
By a daughter like you
All those dreams in life
That I couldn’t accomplish
Will be fulfilled by you
Along with every wish
All those hopes and desires
That I had all along
Will be lived through you
My daughter, so strong
I love you

20. You are the daughter
Parents dream to get
Everyone out there
Is jealous of me I bet
You are the princess
Every mum and dad would love
You are our little angel
Sent from the heavens above
I love you

21. Anything which is beautiful
Reminds us of you
Whether it is the rain
Or drops of delicate dew
Anything which is tranquil
Reminds us of you
Whether it is a sunset
Or the skies so blue
Anything which is extraordinary
Is always synonymous
With our daughter who is
Loved so much by us
We love you

22. I want to experience happiness
By seeing your success
I want to experience delight
By seeing you do things that are right
I want to experience sheer pride
By seeing you smiling wide
I want to experience enjoyment
By seeing your accomplishments
I want to experience being a good mother
By cherishing every moment with my daughter
I love you

23. Your journey
From being girly
To becoming
A beautiful lady
As a father
For me to see
Has been nothing but
Eternally lovely
I love you

24. Saying I love you to my daughter
Never seems to be enough
Staying away from you
Is becoming tough
Even when I am at work
All I can think of is you
I hope when you are at school
You think of me this way too
I love you

25. You are unaware
Of what you mean to me
For you don’t know
What is it is to be
A dad to a daughter
So lovely and nice
Sweetheart, you are
My life’s biggest prize
I love you

26. My dearest daughter…
Every moment of your life
Is etched in my mind so deep
That I can recount the years
Even during my sleep
Every yawn that you took
Every step that you crawled
How you eventually grew up
To be beautiful, pretty and tall
I can’t forget a single thing
About your loving childhood
I love you from my deepest core
I hope you’ve now understood

27. I’ve said it on Facebook
I’ve said it on Twitter
I’ve shown it on Instagram
I’ve let it out in the atmosphere
I’ve said it again and again
And I will say it once more
My daughter is the sweetest girl
That any parent ever bore
I love you

28. Never doubt the fact
That you are the prettiest
Don’t ever be confused
Of the fact that you are the best
Never belittle yourself
Over things that are trivial
Don’t underrate yourself
For you, are very special
Less than what you are
Don’t ever care to portray
Never forget that you have
My love till my dying day
I love you

29. My dearest daughter…
No matter how much we fight
Regardless of how you are not right
No matter how much you yell
Even though things between us aren’t always swell
No matter how much you frown and glare
Promising never again to share or care
Everything eventually becomes alright
The moment I hug you good night
I love you

30. High as the sky
Deep as the sea
Is how much you are
Loved by the family
Wide as the desert
Long as the eucalyptus
Is how much you are
Loved by all of us
We love you

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