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I Like You Poems for Her: It’s difficult to find someone in today’s ever toxic world who is worthy of your time and love. So it makes sense that if you find someone like that you want to keep them as close to you as possible and for as long as you live. Often it’s a normal eye contact that sparks the connection or a quick acquaintance that you don’t let you sleep the whole night. But before you start knitting dreams of old age and a happily ever after with them, you have to the very first move. You have to say “I like you” in one way or another. And of course you don’t want to say it like plain rice. You have to find good words to do so. And what’s a better way to say it than poetry. And to help you with it, here are some ‘I like you’ poems for her.

1) I know the feeling of
Butterflies in my stomach
I know how it feels to
Keep praying for good luck
I am familiar with having
Jittery and frayed nerves too
Ever since I’ve been thinking of
Confessing how much I Like You

2) My heart begins to thump
When I bump into you
If you glance towards me
I don’t know what to do
My mind goes into a tizzy
When you twirl your hair
I have a big crush on you
Is the secret I want to share

3) Your hair is like a beautiful wave
Your eyes are like shining pearls
Your lips are rosy red
Your smile makes my heart curl
Your look is always trendy
Your oomph is like exceptional
You walk like a diva
You are just too hot to handle
I like you

4) You are so unique
In your own way
You are so beautiful
In words, I cannot say
You are so attractive
I just cannot describe
What I feel around you
Is a very special vibe
I just can’t seem the right
Words to describe you
All I know that is baby
I have feelings for you, so true

5) I like everything about you
Especially your beautiful face
My heart will keep pursuing you
Even if it has to put up a chase
I adore everything about you
Your personality and your wit
I hope I have convinced you
That I like you every bit

6) What I feel right now
I’ve never felt before
What I see in you
I totally adore
What I want right now
Is you by my side
If you say you like me too
It’ll be one of life’s best rides

7) Forget the magazines
Forget the movies
A perfect girls isn’t someone
In books or TV
The prettiest and cutest
A star and a true beauty
In my eyes, is no one but you
If you haven’t guessed already

8) The day I saw you
My heart got smitten
The day we met
My soul got sweetly bitten
The day I hugged you
My head felt blissfully dizzy
Baby I desperately hope that
You feel the same for me

9) Ever since I saw you
For the very first time
My world has become sweet
Just like this cute rhyme
I wish that you too
Could share this sweetness
And go on a date with me
I hope that you say yes
I like you

10) I don’t know if this is love
I don’t know if this is just an infatuation
I don’t know if this is emotional
I don’t know if this is just attraction
But what I do know, is that you are pretty
I also know that you are sweet
I find you beautiful and cute too
Thinking about you, makes my heart beat
I like you

11) I am addicted to you
Like I would be to a game
I feel all crazy inside
When I take your name
I can’t live without you
Just like I can’t live without my phone
I want you to be by my side
So that I never feel alone
I like you

12) The minute I start thinking about you
My world stops spinning around
The second I think about asking you out
I suffocate, as if I’ve just drowned
Here I am, asking you to
Finally put me out of this misery
Please say yes, as I ask you
To go out on a date with me

13) Every time I look at you
My senses go out of control
My body starts shivering
I freeze up like a pole
Every time I look at you
My palms get sweaty
My mind goes totally blank
Because you are so pretty
Every time I look at you
I start quivering
My lips break into a smile
My heart starts to sing
I like you

14) Thinking about you makes me feel cozy
My world has become full of beauty
Everything seems so dreamy and hazy
Life has slowed down, oh so lazy
I don’t know if this is just temporary
But the only time when I am not drowsy
Is when I look at you, so beautiful and rosy
Maybe because for you, I am going crazy
I like you

15) I hope you don’t get mad
This poem is a cute confession
It comes straight from my heart
I hope it doesn’t get a rejection
This is to let you know
That I can’t sleep nor rest
I have a big crush on you
I just don’t know what to do next

16) I think about you in the morning
Hoping that you, find me charming
I think about you in the afternoon
Hoping that I, can meet you soon
I think about you in the evening
Hoping that I, can see you smiling
I think about you in the middle of the night
Hoping that you, understand my plight
I just can’t stop thinking about you
I just hope one day, you end up liking me too

17) When I see you
In my face, I go red
When you look at me
I can’t even take a step ahead
When I hear your voice
I begin to soar and fly
When you hug me
I see only fuzzy with my eyes
You seem to really have
Some power over me
Or maybe it’s just that
I think you’re a hottie

18) I am crushing on you
So heavily
I am thinking about you
So continuously
I am daydreaming about you
So intensely
I am fantasizing about you
So dreamily
I am flying in the sky
So beautifully
Pinch me before
I lose it completely
I like you

19) The weather changes
The skies turn a deeper blue
When you walk by
Or I bump into you
A sweet melody
Fills the backdrop
That is when everything
Suddenly comes to a stop
Even just your presence
Seems so magical
My dream of being with you
I want to make real
I like you

20) I want to tell you a secret
Which I hope will make you smile
To muster the courage to tell you
It has taken me a while
I know we are good friends
But I want to be something more
To call you my girl is something
That my heart would adore
I like you

21) If someone asked me
Why I like you so
I would have to think
For I don’t really know
I can’t put a finger on why
I’m crushing on you madly
All I know is that
I like you like crazy

22) Since I saw you for the first time
From the time we first met
My heart has been singing rhymes
And I just haven’t slept
All I keep thinking about
Is how I can be with you
Maybe this poem is the way that I
Can make this dream come true
I like you

23) I am slightly overwhelmed
A bit nervous and jittery
I am acting very cautious
I’m filled with anxiety
My heart has compelled me
To do something I’m about to
Which is to confess that
I have a crush on you

24) There’s so much about
You, that I like a lot
To describe how I feel
Words, there are not
It’s too much for me
To convey in a few lines
Why I want to be able
To call you mine
I like you

25) I like your Facebook pictures
I retweet your tweets
I repin your pins on Pinterest
All because I find you so sweet
I share your Instagram photos
I check your Tumblr regularly
I share all your Plus posts
For I’m crushing on you badly

26) Shower fake compliments
On you I will never
I will impress you with
My honesty and candor
Treat you like a mere fling
I wouldn’t dare to
Because the truth is
I genuinely like you

27) When I see
A beautiful sunrise
When I see
The pretty night skies
When I see
A colorful rainbow
When I see
Blooming flowers in a row
When I see
A lusciously red rose
I am glad you are
The one my heart chose

28) When I saw you for the first time
I was head over heels
When we bumped into each other
I realized what my heart feels
When we exchanged numbers
All my wishes came true
When you read this poem
You’ll realize how much I like you

29) What I like about you the most
Is the way you walk
The way you smile
When you begin to talk
What I admire about you a lot
Is the way you dress
Seeing the way you tuck your hair
Is a sight of pure happiness
There seems to be nothing
That I don’t like about you
Asking you out on a date
Had become long overdue

30) The heart has no reason
To like someone
The mind follows no logic
To be fond of a person
The soul has no rationale
To pick one out of a crowd
The conscience has no justification
One name, to shout out loud
So I really don’t know why
About you, I’m so crazy
All I know is that
My girlfriend, I want you to be


Send these lovely pieces of poetry to melt her heart down. These poems for a crush are carefully picked and placed by us in an effort to give your feeling the power words and rhymes. So what’s the wait for? Don’t be nervous, make the first move and let the letters of love fly straight to the heart of your crush!

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