30 I Like You Poems for Crush: Poems for Guys

Poems for Crush

1. I cannot describe how I feel
When our eyes meet
I get a funny feeling in my tummy
Which is bitterly nervous yet sweet
I cannot say how I feel
When I dream about us two
It takes me in a magical wonderland
Because I fancy you, I like you

2. I really don’t believe
That all guys are the same
I think that you are different
From those who are just lame
Nice guys like you are rare
Cute guys like you are few
My crush on you is getting bigger
Needless to say, I like you

3. I haven’t been eating as usual
All day, I just feel blue
I haven’t been sleeping well
And I blame it all on you
I have the biggest crush
A feeling that I cannot undo
I feel frustrated and nervous
Not knowing whether you like me too

4. I like you not only because
You are so cute
I like you because
You are a true gent from your roots
I like you not only because
You are so handsome
I like you because
You make my heart hum
I like you not only because
You are so hot
I like you because
A warm heart, you have got

5. School has become great
All of a sudden
Doing group study
Has become fun
Taking bus rides back
Is no more a chore
Waking up everyday
Is no more a bore
The sunrise these days
Means just one thing to me
That I get to see you
And crush on you constantly
I like you

6. You are exactly
The type of guy
Who makes me blush
And feel really shy
You are exactly
The kind of guy
Who gives me the shivers
And makes me wanna fly
You are exactly
The sort of guy
Who makes me smile
With a sparkle in my eyes
I like you

7. I sing without
Any reason
Even when I am bored
Somehow I have fun
A smile is pasted
On my face always
Like never before I am
Feeling things these days
Something has changed
I just don’t know what
I feel heady and high
Without taking a shot
Maybe it has something
To do with your presence
I think we should go on a date
To confirm it once
I like you

8. Do you like coffee, slightly bitter
Or do you like sweet ice cream better
Do you like KFC
Or do you prefer to have just tea
Do you like hot chocolate
Or do you want to sample a sushi plate
Why I am asking you this, can’t you see
I hope that you will go out on a date with me

9. You come in my dreams
You come in my thoughts
Your cute face and dreamy eyes
Have melted my heart in knots
Whether it is morning or noon
Whether it is evening or night
I just can seem to get you
Out of my mind or sight
Come, pacify my beating heart
Yes, I have fallen for you
Give me a nice warm hug
And say that you like me too

10. I may sound a little desperate
But I really don’t care
I have to tell you the truth
I must lay my feelings bare
I don’t want to be your friend
I want our relationship to grow
Yes, I am asking you out
And I hope, you won’t say no

11. Even though we know each other
Since hardly a couple of weeks
Being around you all this time
Has made my heart squeak
I think we should go out for coffee
Just the two of us alone
So I can get some privacy
And make my feelings known
I hope this isn’t awkward
I hope you aren’t shocked
I have a crush on you
My heart, you have totally rocked

12. These days I love to spend time
Browsing Facebook and Instagram
So I can look at your pictures
Which seem sweeter than jam
I secretly follow you on Twitter
Under different usernames
But today I want to confess
And stop playing these silly games
I want you to see what is going on
In my heart, through and through
Call it a crush, call it attraction
Call it whatever you want, I like you

13. You are cuter
Than Harry Styles
He is no match
You are better by miles
You are more adorable
Than Bradley Cooper
Everything you touch
Becomes totally dapper
You are hotter
Than Justin Bieber
Looking at you
Gives me the shivers
You are hunkier
Than Hugh Jackman
I hope you realize
That I am your big fan

14. It must be written in our fates
For both of us to meet
Boy I confess that I
Find you hot and sweet
It must have been in our destiny
To cross each others’ ways
Every since I saw you
I have had dreamy days
I like you

15. I have never been adventurous
Right now, I am a bit nervous
I am a shy girl by heart
So I really don’t know where to start
Right from the way you make me smile
To your cute and handsome style
Everything about you, I simply adore
Being just friends, I can take no more

16. Since the day our eyes met
I just can’t stop dreaming
Since the day we had a chat
My heart just doesn’t stop singing
Humming bubbly pop tunes
Has become a habit of mine
Your pictures on Facebook
Give me my daily shine
I had a crush on you since the beginning
These feelings are nothing new
I have not told this to you before
But I like you, I really do

17. Even the cutest pin on Pinterest
Cannot justify how cute I find you
Even the funniest tweet on Twitter
Cannot match your adorable chatter
Even the most viral video on YouTube
Cannot make me smile as much
As how I dream about giving you
A tender hug and feeling your touch
I like you

18. Every time I get a Facebook notification
Every time I see a new tweet
I hope it is from you
Because I find you too sweet
Every time I look at you
Every time we are in the same room
I just can’t stop staring at you
And my heart just goes BOOM
I like you

19. I am a girl
You are a guy
I like you
Do you know why?
Your cute smile
Has got me floored
I can keep talking about you
I will never get bored
Your good looks
Have got me attracted
Your charming personality
Has got me enchanted

20. I am sick and tired
Of being friends with you
I want to end this boring friendship
And start a relationship new
I want to confess my crush today
I no longer want to pretend
That I don’t find you cute
Can we be more than just friends?

21. Nothing in this world
Is as cool as you
Not even One Direction
Not even their crazy tattoos
Nothing in this world
Is as cute as you
Not even a puppy
Not even a baby kangaroo
Nothing in this world
Is as sweet as you
Not even chocolate
Not even the best fondue
I like you

22. I don’t know how to say
I don’t know which words to utter
To tell you that when I see you
In my heart, there is a bit of a flutter
I hope this cute little poem
Shows my feelings, so true
I have the hots for you boy
I have a big crush on you

23. Whenever I think of you
My eyes get a dreamy hue
Whenever we meet
My heart goes woo-hoo
Whenever we talk
My tongue starts to slip and slew
Whenever we hug
My body sticks to you like glue
Whenever we say goodbye
My heart starts feeling blue
I am telling you all this
Because I like you

24. I can’t think of any reason
That I shouldn’t ask you out
I have been nervous all this while
But today, I am going to shout it out
Boy, you have caught my eye
You are good looking and hot
You seem to be a nice guy
Which is why I like you a lot

25. To your handsome charms
My heart has given its reaction
I may have fallen into love
I may have succumbed to attraction
This girl has given up
On holding back her feelings for you
She thinks it is time to stop being friends
And start a romantic relationship new
I like you

26. Is it your sweet smile
Is it your messy hairdo
I can’t seem to zero in
On why I like you
Maybe I will never find out
But I really don’t care
All I know for sure
Is that we’d make a hot pair

27. My mind tells me that you
Could be a heartbreaker
My heart tells me that you
Could be my life’s anchor
My gut tells me that you
Could be the man of my dreams
The only way to find the truth
Is to ask you out, it seems
I like you

28. I’ve been stealing moments
Here and there
I’ve been darting my eyes
Around everywhere
I’ve been cherishing
Every chance that I’ve got
To gape at you
And stare a lot
I have a thing for you
Of that I am sure
I have a crush on you
Which is innocent and pure
I like you

29. There is something about you
That has smitten me
There is a love bug in the air
That has bitten me
There is a magnet inside you
That has attracted me
Everything about you
Has distracted me
The aura around you
Has captivated me
Since the day I’ve seen you
Nothing else has satiated me
I like you

30. You will never know
What flying on a cloud is like
You will never understand
What happens when Cupid strikes
You will never realize
What butterflies in the stomach mean
You will never comprehend
What it feels like to be a queen
For I’m feeling these things
Since that day I’ve seen you
This is not just a flimsy crush
My feelings are real and true
I like you


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