How To Choose A Skull Ring Gift For A Man?


Are you struggling to find the right skull rings for men this season so that you could gift the man in your life? Skull rings for men are becoming one of the fastest-growing trends. However, finding the perfect ring that will stand out for your money is not easy. Keep on reading to know the best tips for buying a ring that your man will be proud to wear.

The symbolism of the ring

First, before buying a skull ring, it is crucial to know what it symbolizes. The skull symbolizes power, strength, and victory. The skull has been a staple of different cultures throughout the years. Bikers have been known to wear the skull for a very long time and warriors proudly displayed skulls in battles as rings, tattoos, and other accessories. The trend of wearing skulls has grown very popular as it is common to see musicians and other celebrities supporting a skull on their logo or accessories. At the start of this century, most people associated skulls with the gothic culture or death but it got a popular persona when it hit the mainstream.

How do you wear a skull ring?

Before buying a skull ring, it is important to know how to wear it. Knowing the right finger to wear the ring will help you choose the right ring designs you can buy for men. However, it is crucial to understand that each finger signifies a different thing. If you want to buy flashy and eye-catching skull rings online, then the pinky will be the best option. This is the finger that doesn’t get in the way as you do your daily duties. So, when you have a flashy appearance in the pinky, it is not going to be an issue.

Although the middle finger is close to the index finger, it is considered to be a manly finger. Most people associate it with responsibility in life. The index finger is normally used with family crests and graduation class rings but can make a major statement for the special man. Having a ring on the index finger helps you to showcase boldness and the ring is well presented. It also allows more emphasis when making gestures with your hands. Most people in North America consider wearing a ring on the thumb as outlandish but it is common in other parts of the world.

Using the thumb and multiple fingers

If you want to buy two skull rings then you can put one ring on the thumb and spread the rest of the rings to different fingers to avoid losing its flashy appeal.

Choose a design that will fit him

There are so many designs of skull rings for men so you cannot choose a skull ring without putting great effort into the design. People associate skulls with men who have a rougher personality on the outside. Skulls made of sterling silver are very durable and if you enjoy getting your hands dirty then you should choose a ring that can withstand contact with hard things.

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