30 Happy Anniversary Poems for Wife

wedding anniversary poems for wife

1. The best day in the year
Is our anniversary
Not because on this day
You got married to me
But because it was when
I received in my life
My most ultimate reward
Which is you, my wife
Happy anniversary

2. Our anniversary
Is not meant to be
A reminder of
A long journey
Our anniversary
Is meant to be
A mark of good times
That we are yet to see
Happy anniversary

3. My whole world would’ve been
Reduced to total ash
It would have been nothing
Not even mere trash
My whole life would’ve been
Crumbled to tatters
If you weren’t there
You’re the only who matters
The only reason why
My life is so seamless and fine
Is because darling
You are forever mine
Happy anniversary

4. Thanks for tolerating me
All this while
Thanks for being the reason
Behind my smile
Thanks for always easing
Every pain and sorrow
Thanks for making me
Look forward to tomorrow
Thanks for always pushing
Me towards success
Thanks for giving me
Unlimited happiness
Thanks for accompanying me
In the journey of my life
Thanks for being
Such an amazing wife
Happy anniversary

5. I hope you aren’t
Tired of me
Or extremely fed up
Of my company
I hope you haven’t
Reached the limit
Of tolerating me
Even one more bit
Being with you for life
Is what I plan to do
I hope that sounds
Alright to you
Happy anniversary

6. My dear wife…
You are the one
Who knows me so well
Because of you in my life
Everything is swell
If not for you darling
I would be clueless
Thanks for giving me
So much happiness
Happy anniversary

7. Handsome husbands like me
Are very few
But fewer than that
Are beautiful wives like you
You are like a rare
Pearl in the ocean
Meant only for me
Not for everyone
Happy anniversary

8. One more year
Of romantic intimacy
One more year
Of sweet camaraderie
One more year
Of warm companionship
One more year
Of our relationship
One more year
Of being married to you
I wish a happy
Anniversary to you

9. I renew my promise
This anniversary
We both will grow old
Together gracefully
I will hold your hand
As you hold mine
Everything in our life
Will always be very fine
Even in tough times
I will be with you
Let’s celebrate this special day
With these wows taken anew

10. Many years ago
I committed the right act
With the right person
I made a lifelong pact
I am glad that I took
The perfect decision
Of making a woman like you
My lifelong companion
Happy anniversary

11. We bicker and argue
We quarrel and fight
But we still love each other
With all our might
We have differences
Which we grumpily bear
But at the end of the day
We both make a great pair
Happy anniversary

12. In a way
An anniversary
Is just a date
Can’t you see
It is an easy way
For the wife
To get the costliest
Gifts of her life
Your wish today
Is my command
On our anniversary
I’ll do as you demand
Happy anniversary

13. Every morning of my life
Feels so blessed and pure
Of everything I do
I feel so secured and sure
Every night before bed
I feel profusely thankful
For the way in which my life
Has tuned out so beautiful
There is no mystery about
The woman behind all this
It is none other than
My beautiful missus
Happy anniversary

14. Getting married to you
Has been like winning a lottery
I won millions by becoming
Your loving hubby
Spending my life with you
Has been like hitting jackpot
Happy anniversary honey
I love you a lot

15. Like bubbles in a champagne
Or the texture of wine
You are the reason why
My life has been so fine
Like the hues of a sunset
Or the colors of a rainbow
You are the only reason
Happiness why I know
Like warm coffee in winter
In summer, a cube of ice
You are the one who makes
My life so perfectly nice
Happy anniversary

16. No adjective in the world
To describe you is enough
Listing your qualities
Is a job which is tough
No simile in this world
Is enough to compare
How we both have made
Such a beautiful pair
No sayings about love
Can ever suffice
To describe our marriage
Which is like a prize
Happy anniversary

17. No one else would have
Tolerated me
No other woman would have
Let me be
No one else but you
Would let me do
Things in the manner
That I want to
Thanks for being
A perfect companion
Your place in my life
Can be taken by none
Happy anniversary

18. My life until now
Has been nothing but fun
Because my lovely wife
Is one in a million
Until now my journey
Has been terrific
Because I have a wife
Who is so fantastic
Happy anniversary

19. An anniversary is not just about
The years that have passed
It is about all the happiness
That a couple has amassed
It is more than just a celebration
Of a really long journey
It is about celebrating life
As an unending festivity
Happy anniversary darling

20. I’m sure you remember
Our very first kiss
How it was so full
Of lust and pure bliss
I’m sure you recall
How very exciting
Our relationship was
When were dating
I’m sure you recollect
The magical moment
When I proposed to you
With me on my knee bent
All these memories
Each and every instant
That we have spent together
Have been nothing less than brilliant
Happy anniversary

21. I don’t keep a count
Of the number of years
We’ve spent as a happy couple
With lots of joy and cheer
Whether it is our tenth
Or twenty-fifth anniversary
My love for you will always
Remain the same honey
Happy anniversary

22. My beautiful princess
I hope I’ve been able to
Become your prince charming
And always woo you
My gorgeous angel
I hope I have become
The guardian of your life
Making it awesome
My stunning enchantress
I have only wish
That I can always give you
Lovely moments to cherish
Happy anniversary

23. You are a beautiful woman
In my life, second to none
You are a lovely mother
To our wonderful children
You are my beautiful wife
Who I endlessly love
It seems that you have been sent
From the Heavens above
Happy anniversary

24. Today is not just
Our anniversary
It’s a celebration of the bond
Between you and me
It is not just a reminder
Of our years together
It is a celebration of our love
For one another
Happy anniversary

25. The mark of a worthy husband
Is how happy his wife is
Looking at you I can say
That yours is full of bliss
The sign of a loving hubby
Is the glow on his wife’s face
Looking at you I know that
You are in your life’s happiest phase
Happy anniversary

26. You are like a rose
In my life’s garden
Without your fragrance
Life wouldn’t be fun
You are the sunrise
In my life’s horizon
Your undying love
Feels warm like the sun
You are like the moon
That lights up my nights
Your eternal beauty
Is like a radiant light
You are not just a woman
You are an angel
My darling to me you are
So priceless and special
Happy anniversary

27. The celebrations of my life
Are not limited
To our anniversaries
They are not restricted
The revelries of my life
Had already began
When I laid eyes on you
And you made me your man
Happy anniversary

28. I wonder if I’ve passed
The test of marriage or not
All I know is that I have
Always loved you a lot
I hope this is enough
To fulfil the criterion
Of being called the perfect
Husband and companion
Happy anniversary

29. One of the most beautiful things
That I’ve ever done in my life
Is to give you a wedding ring
And make you my wife
The other most amazing thing
That I’m proud to have accomplished
Is to have nurtured a family
And a life which is so cherished
Happy anniversary

30. How beautiful times fly
One just doesn’t come to know
When life starts slipping away
When time chooses to go
But my passage of life
Has been made worthy
Because God has given
A wife like you to me
Happy anniversary


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