Birthday Poems for Wife – Birthday Poems For Her


Spin the trend of cheesy quotes! Instead of telling your wife that you love her with generic greetings, try to be more creative and thoughtful. The key is to add an emotional element to your poem. You might want to consider using phrases like “I am thankful for these moments with you” or How I feel without you. Give your wife the pleasure of being able to read out your poem in public and boast about how much time you’ve invested in it. It really doesn’t matter if it isn’t that good – the only thing that counts is the effort. And to help you, here are some birthday poems for wife.

1) I may never be able to become
A husband as amazing and awesome
As the wife you have been to me
And changed the course of my destiny
If I can be even an ounce of what you are
I will be able to take my life really far
Until I catch with up with you, sweetie
I want you to keep inspiring me
Happy birthday

2) A romantic dinner
An expensive treat
A splendid brunch
A gift which is sweet
A drink at the bar
A luxurious holiday
A night at the pub
A weekend away
None of this can be enough
For the amount of happiness
You bring into our lives
To make everything priceless
Happy birthday

3) When I come to think of it
I can’t live without you even a bit
I can’t even think on my own
Without you when I am all alone
I feel paralyzed and invalid
Without you, I feel frustrated and livid
I am totally lost and aimless
In your absence, there is no happiness
In short, you mean everything to me
Not just my dearest wifey
Happy birthday

4) When it comes to you
I am crazy
When it’s about you
I feel all giddy
When you are concerned
I feel it’s my responsibility
When you are in the picture
By default, it involves me
Everything in your life
I want to make happy
That my life’s only aim
Nothing else means more to me
Happy birthday

5) My lover and my mate
In her hands I can leave my fate
My life partner and my companion
Who is the most beautiful woman
My agony aunt who doubles up as my shrink
Without whom, my world would disappear in a wink
My antidote for every trouble
Is my wife, who is so special
Happy birthday

6) You are more than just my wife
You are a friend in need
You are more than a companion
You are my soulmate indeed
You are more than my happiness
You are the source of pure bliss
Without you everything
In my life would be amiss
Happy birthday

7) To my dearest wife…
Today will be unique
In every way
As the mood will be light
Keeping troubles at bay
It will be great to see you
Smiling from ear to ear
With the entire family
Along with those near and dear
This is how we want
Each year for you to be
Days that are filled
With love, happiness and prosperity
Happy birthday

8) Hello beautiful
You make life bountiful
Hello pretty baby
You make my life happy
Hello you sexy girl
With joy you make me whirl
Hello my lovely wife
Around you, revolves my life
Happy birthday

9) The word gorgeous
Is way too demure
To personify your love
Of which I am so sure
The word lovely
Is too mild of a compliment
Coz baby you are
Prettiness’ perfect embodiment
Happy birthday

10) Your beauty
Is a thing of pride
My heart melts
When you smile wide
Your innocence
Is like a rare jewel
Your irresistible charm
Is my fuel
Your presence in my life
Is priceless
You are the only reason
For my happiness
Happy birthday

11) You made my dreams yours
Without a single doubt
You were the only one who steered
My life on the correct route
You adjusted to
All my idiosyncrasies
You happily accommodated
All my whims and fancies
There is not a single thing
That you haven’t done for me
Baby I owe it all to you
For shaping my destiny
Happy birthday

12) To my dear wife….
I knew you would be the girl I would marry
Ever since the day I gave you a first look
On the day we officially tied the knot
I felt proud to change my relationship status on Facebook
Not a single day passes by in my life
When your sweet antics don’t give my heart a flutter
You would realize how much I miss you
When I am at work, if you saw my Twitter
I don’t worry about how what others think
I don’t care if they fun of me
I just want continue shouting out to the world
So that my love for you, everyone can see
Happy birthday

13) I couldn’t find a birthday card
Nor a gift which could contain
The love I have for you
So all my efforts were in vain
It made me realize
That If I want to show my feelings
I will have to go beyond
Buying fancy things
So here I am, all yours
Ready to do what you say
All I want to do is
Make sure you have the best day
Happy birthday

14) I am glad that I married
A beautiful woman like you
One thing I will never regret
Is saying, I do
Apart from a beautiful gift
I also want to give you a kiss
Which will show you how much
You make my life a bliss
Happy birthday

15) Good times are not good
If I can’t share them with you
Bad times become even worse
When you aren’t there to talk to
My happiness doesn’t last
If I don’t include you in it
I can’t function without you
Not even for a bit
Happy birthday

16) I am a happily married man
Owing to just one reason
I have a lovely wife
Who is nothing but wild fun
I am glad that I bid
My bachelor days goodbye
And tied the wedding knot
With the apple of my eye
Happy birthday

17) All the precious memories
That I have made until now
All the moments of my life
Which have made me go wow
The instances when I had
The best time of my life
I owe them only to one person
To you… my dearest wife
Happy birthday

18) Not many people
Have things to flaunt
Few people in this world
Always get what they want
But I am an exception
To this rule of life
All my wishes were granted
When you became my wife
Happy birthday

19) Your love for me
Has always been enduring
I hope I can return it with
Affection which is everlasting
Your respect for me
Has always been inspiring
I hope I can return it with
Loyalty which is unflinching
Your commitment to me
Has always been never-ending
I will return it with my love
Which is true and undying
Happy birthday

20) I never expected you
To be flawless
I only wanted you
To give me happiness
But you have done both things
Very successfully
Thanks darling for being
Such an amazing wifey
Happy birthday

21) What I love about my wife
Is that she doesn’t behave like one
She is more of a buddy
With whom I can have fun
She never nags me
Nor does she have mood swings
Out of all everything else in my life
To happen to me, she is the best thing
Happy birthday

22) All the wives of the world
Need to take a lesson
You need to teach them
How to make married life fun
They also need to understand
That being a wife is not a chore
It means you have to be a person
That your husband can adore
There is no better example than you
For these women to see
As you have been, my dear
The perfect wife to me
Happy birthday

23) To my dear wife….
Like a lock and a key
Fit perfectly
You are the only one
Who is made for me
Like a fruit and flower
Grow because of each other
We too can’t survive
Without one another
Like the moon and stars
Make a night complete
I would be lost without you
For you, are my heartbeat
Happy birthday

24) You have made
My dreams worth believing
Because of you
They feel inspiring
You have made
My family so loving
Because of you
Everything feels fulfilling
You have made
My life worth living
Because of you
Everything is just amazing
Happy birthday

25) My wife, my love…
Without your presence
My life wouldn’t have balance
Without your intelligence
My decisions wouldn’t have prudence
Without your brilliance
My actions wouldn’t have confidence
Without your benevolence
I wouldn’t have a clear conscience
Without your influence
My life wouldn’t be of any consequence
Because of your existence
My life gets significance
Happy birthday

26) My wife, my darling
My sweetheart, my love
You are my angel
Sent from the heavens above
My baby, my munchkin
My honey, my sugarplum
You have always been
My best chum
My happiness, my joy
My ultimate bliss
Let me wish you
Happy birthday with a kiss

27) Your birthday is the perfect chance
For me to pamper you all day long
Spoil you with gifts and treats
Maybe even sing a few songs
Today, my dear
Your hubby is at your service
Let’s begin the day
With the most romantic kiss

28) Marriages are made in heaven
Is a fact I agree to
Because I am married
To an angel like you
Marriages are made forever
Is a fact I endorse too
Because I am married
To an incredible wife like you
Happy birthday

29) Happy always
Living life to the very fullest
Our love will forever
Survive life’s acid test
Joined at the souls
Connected through our hearts
Me and you baby
Were meant to be from the start
Happy birthday

30) You have always been
My beautiful queen
And you have always been
The prettiest woman I have ever seen
For me you are
My life’s superstar
And you also are
The one who got me this far
You will always be
The one who makes me lucky
And you will always be
The perfect life partner for me
Happy birthday


Writing a poem is a great way to make your loved one feel appreciated. If writing poems isn’t for you, we’ve got some wonderful birthday poems for wife. Your wife is your lifelong companion, standing by you in your peaks and valleys. This year, do something totally different to let your wife know how much you love and appreciate her. Take this opportunity to not just plainly wishing them birthday wishes, but also serve her with a handpicked poem from our list of poems for wife birthday and make her day memorable.

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