Best Birthday Poems for Aunt


You are my agony aunt
In the true sense
I can call you any time
To discuss anything intense
Even if I feel like
Laughing for no reason
The person I would call
Dear aunt, you are the one
Happy birthday

Aunts like you are cathartic
Everyone should have an aunt so terrific
Aunts like you are comforting
Not just that, you are also inspiring
Aunts like you make life beautiful
Fun, enjoyable and colorful
Aunts like you are a true example
Of their role in life being indisputable
Aunts like you are worth looking forward to
Happy birthday dear aunt, I love you

To my dear aunt…
Mom likes you because
You are the best
Dad likes you because
You are better than the rest
All the cousins like you because
You are the life of the family
But I like admire you because
You bring out the best in me
Happy birthday

An aunt like you
To a niece like me
You make my life
Carefree and bubbly
Although there is a large
Age gap between us
We get along like besties
Without any fuss
We aren’t just like
Any other aunt and niece
Of my life’s puzzle
You are a precious piece
Happy birthday

My best memories are the ones
Of all the time that I have spent
With you and the family
Full of crazy fun and enjoyment
The best moments of my life
Have been the ones with your presence
If not for you, life’s memoir
Would lack joy and exuberance
Happy birthday

If I had an elder sis
She would be just like you
If I did something wrong
She would scold me black and blue
If I tried to use her stuff
She would try to drive me away
But if I would go to her with a problem
She would help me any day
She would share her bedroom with me
And I would share my life with her
I wish you weren’t my aunt
But my adorable elder sister
Happy birthday

Who needs amusement parks
Who needs a garden
Who needs a play area
Who needs toys for fun
Who needs cartoons on TV
Who needs games that are new
Who needs teddy bears
When they have an aunt like you
Happy birthday

Your birthday should be made
Aunt’s Day officially
For you, are the best aunt
That can ever be
I am going to give
Sweet treats to many people
As a tribute from me
To an aunt so lovable
Happy birthday

As sweet as a macaroon
In my life, you are a boon
As tangy as candy
You always make me happy
Just like a really good meal
Everyone’s hearts, you steal
The taste of your care, I will savor
Not just now but forever
Happy birthday aunt

Aunts are a lot like mothers
But slightly different
They come without the yelling
And they aren’t so blunt
They also shower
Treats more often
And do things that are
A lot of fun
They hardly ever nag
And are always ready to play
All they bring is joy
In their niece or nephew’s way
From such lovely aunts
All mothers should take cue
If every mother was like you
Happy birthday

I look up to you
In every way
I try to be like you
Every single day
I ape the best
Of your personality
I do everything to get
A bit of you in me
This is how much
To me you are special
Happy birthday aunt
You are my idol

The one place where
I always go
When there is something
That I don’t know
That is none other
Than my aunt’ place
Where I’m always welcomed
With her smiling face
Happy birthday aunt

You should visit us more often
Meeting so rarely is just not done
Although you are so busy
I wish you’d take more time out for me
But since you are far away
I wish you a happy birthday
Through this sweet greeting card
May you spend the day partying hard
Happy birthday

My friends become
Full of envy
Whenever they know
That you are with me
Everyone knows that you are
My heart’s precious piece
And that I have always been
Your most favorite niece
Happy birthday aunt

My aunt is my favorite
For she always brings me
Sweet treats and games
That makes me happy
I don’t how she always
Manages to figure
What is the thing
That I always desire
Happy birthday

There is a reason why
Aunts were sent on this earth
Of love and affection
Because there was a dearth
Then God decided to spew
His blessings and magic
That’s how aunts were born
To make life fantastic
Happy birthday aunt

Calling you aunt
Is just a formality
For I think of you
As my bestie
I can chat with you
Late into the night
Until I figure out
What is wrong and right
We have ties of blood
Not just because we’re family
But because we are friends
Who love each other dearly
Happy birthday

When I get good grades in school
You are the first person to know
When I get a new dress
You are the first one I want to show
When I achieve something
You are the first to hear about the same
When I feel a sense of euphoria
What comes to mind is your name
When I face a difficulty
I try to think how you would advise
When I am down in the dumps
I rejuvenate thinking of our memories so nice
In summary this simply means
That everything I say and do
Everything I feel and think
Is somehow linked to you
Happy birthday aunt

Sincerely making
A birthday wish for you
Is none other than
Your dearest nephew
Hoping for the best
To happen to you
Wishing you get
Success which is due
Happy birthday

I could have used Facebook
To send you a ping
I could have downloaded
A birthday card from Bing
I could have used Google
To look for birthday wishes
But you deserve nothing less
Than lots of hugs and kisses
Happy birthday aunt

Maybe when I become
An aunt like you one day
I will realize why
You always behaved this way
Why you have always
Showered so much love on me
And also why you have
Treated me so affectionately
Until then I want you to
Set the perfect example
So please continue making
My life so special
Happy birthday

Although we don’t meet often
You are always in my mind
I think of you many times
Even through life’s daily grind
Although I haven’t seen you
Since quite a long while
Thinking of you always makes
My face light up with a smile
I miss you a lot, dear aunt
On this special occasion
I send you lots of hugs
Since I can’t be there in person
Happy birthday

You are an aunt
Beyond compare
In front of you I can
Lay my heart bare
You know me inside out
You are my confidante
That’s why I always claim
To have the world’s best aunt
Happy birthday

In our family tree you will
Always be the best leaf for me
For I cannot imagine
My life without your company
Even when seasons change often
And strong winds blow over the tree
I know that as my aunt
You will always hold on to me
Happy birthday

To my dearest aunt…
Family gatherings
Would be so boring
If not for you
I would be yawning
Family portraits
Would look so empty
Without your presence
Pictures would be dreary
If not for our memories
There would be no nostalgia
Life would be colorless
In monotone sepia
Happy birthday

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