Anniversary Poems for Husband – Poems for Him


1. Every year, our anniversary
Becomes more and more special
With every passing moment
I find you more adorable
Every year seems to bring
More and more happiness
Every year we seem to make
Memories that are priceless
Every year I thank my fate
For giving you as my hubby
Every year makes me realize
How lucky I am to be your wifey
Happy anniversary

2. No running around for work
Looking at files or checking emails
Our day will start and end
With sunglasses and cocktails
Let’s give ourselves a well deserved treat
Let’s relax, unwind, sing and dance
Here’s wishing us a happy anniversary
Raising a toast to our eternal romance

3. A reprieve from the petty tiffs
A respite from nagging
A relief from cleaning duties
A break from all the fighting
All this and a lot more
Is the freedom you get for one day
But only because it’s our anniversary
So don’t get carried away

4. You are so awesome
You are so handsome
You are so charming
You are so loving
You are so sexy
You are so manly
You are so amazing
You are my darling
I was meant to be
Your sweetie
Happy anniversary
My dear hottie

5. You have always been the star of my dreams
Day by day, you’ve become hotter it seems
A magnet that pulls me closer, is you
Not just attraction, it is love so true
Here’s a toast to our beautiful bond
Let’s be immersed in its blissful pond
Like old times, let’s just cuddle
Let’s get lost, in love’s dreamy bubble
Happy anniversary

6. Ever since the day we met
I knew you were the one for me
Without you, I can’t even imagine
How miserable everything would be
My life’s most beautiful memories are
The ones that I’ve shared with you
Thanks for sticking by through it all
Without you, I wouldn’t know what to do

7. You are the reason I have experienced
Love, so beautiful, genuine and true
I want you to know that I couldn’t have had
A better partner than you
You are the reason I know what happiness is
And what it means to have a good life
I promise that I will never change as a person
I will always be your loving and caring wife
Happy anniversary

8. I feel a sense of pride
In raising a toast to that person
Around whom the fairy tale
Of my life has been spun
This journey with you
Has been fun all along
Even while wading through
Rights and wrongs
No matter what
You’ve always been around
Which is why
Happiness is all I’ve found
Happy anniversary

9. Even after so many fights
So many sleepless nights
Even after so much stress
After going through so much mess
We both have ploughed through
For which credit goes out to you
Let’s forget everything and start again
Let’s wade out of this emotional pain
This is a promise that we make
To each other on this very day
I want to thank destiny for sending
A life partner like you, my way
Happy anniversary

10. Should I call you my friend
Or should I call you my hubby
Should I call you my companion
Or should I call you my buddy
Should I call you my chum
Or should I call you my mate
Should I call you my pal
Or should I call you my comrade
Although you are all-in-one
These three words suit you perfectly
‘My Dear Husband’
Wish you a happy anniversary

11. Our lives have turned out to be
One long and awesome party
The craziest memories we’ve made
Even when through trouble, we had to wade
I hope this celebration never comes to a halt
I hope we never wake up with a jolt
For this life, nothing short of a fantasy
I have only one man to thank, my hubby
Happy anniversary

12. You are the best thing that
Could have ever happened to me
I am glad you are the man
Fate picked as my hubby
To imagine life without you
Is next to impossible
You are the reason our marriage
Has been so magical
Happy anniversary

13. It’s time to celebrate
All our disagreements
It’s time to raise a toast
To all our arguments
It’s time to recollect
All our fights and talks
It’s time to remember
Our angry stares and gawks
For it is all this that has
Made us come closer
Sealing us in a way that
We’ll always be together
Happy anniversary

14. You’ve always made sure
That my priorities come first
You’ve been the one to placate
Every emotional outburst
You’ve always made all my
Dreams and wishes your own
You’ve ensured that I have
Never been sad or forlorn
To you, I owe my life
And much more that that
Without you, I am nothing
And that will always be a fact
Happy anniversary

15. You were, are and will always be my true love
My protector sent from the heavens above
You were, are and always will be my prince charming
You’re my world, my everything
You were, are and always be my soul mate
Destined to be together, joined by fate
You were, are and will always be the only man in my life
I am so proud, to be your wife
Happy anniversary

16. As I sift through the album
Of our wedding day
Only one thing comes to mind
And that, I want to say
I’m sorry for having taken
So many things for granted
In reality you are
The only one I’ve ever wanted
Thank you for putting up
With petty fights and quarrels
Baby, I owe you
For making my life magical
Happy anniversary

17. Not just my lover, you are also my best mate
For your presence in my life, I thank fate
I couldn’t have done anything without you by my side
You are the reason my face bears a smile so wide
Falling in love and getting married to you
Has given me happiness of which I never knew
As we celebrate one more year of being cute and cozy
I wish you, a happy anniversary

18. I promise that the years to come
Will be nothing but awesome
I promise that our future will be
Nothing but joyful and happy
I promise that you and I
Will be together till we die
Happy anniversary

19. I feel so proud when I
Call you my hubby
No other woman
Has ever been so lucky
There is no comparison
Undoubtedly you reign supreme
You are the king of my world
And the man of my dreams
Happy anniversary

20. All the women in the world
With envy, can go green
Because a man like my husband
They may have never seen
A man who’s not just handsome
But has an amazing sense of humor
A man who is rock solid
For me, he’s always there
A man who’s not just sensitive
But caring and generous too
So ladies, here it is
I am luckier than all of you
Happy anniversary

21. I wish there was a dramatic way
In which I could express
How much I love you and how
I always want your happiness
I wish I had chalks or pens
To write and sketch in the sky
That nobody can take you from me
Even if they try
That is how much I love you
And I always will eternally
Cheers to the both of us
Wish you a happy anniversary

22. To have a husband like you
I would give my right arm
Darling, I think you are amazing person
Handsome, and full of charm
Our marriage has been a lovely roller coaster ride
In which you have always held me tightly
We will always be there for each other
I promise, as we celebrate our anniversary

23. Hubbies like you
These days are quite few
Handsome and witty
Strong and nifty
Caring and protective
Giving me life’s beautiful perspective
I wish you a happy anniversary
Cheers to the perfect pair, you and me

24. On this day, so beautiful and pretty
There’s only one place I want to be
In the cozy comfort of your arms
Lying mesmerized in the web of your charms
Forgetting about all of other life’s petty worries
Reminiscing our love’s wonderful memories
Baby, there is nothing I don’t like about you
I hope that you will forever love me as much as I do
Happy anniversary

25. I am wondering what it is
That you and I should do
On the date of our anniversary
To make things seem new
Loving each other madly
We do that daily anyway
Sharing our thoughts and feelings
We do that every single day
Between us as a couple, there is nothing
But happiness in our equation
Maybe that is the reason why
Our married lives are a constant celebration
Happy anniversary

26. To my dear husband…
My life is like a painting
Full of vibrant bold strokes
Feelings of euphoria
It always evokes
Every mesmerizing color
Each tone and all the hues
Are touches of a great artist
None other than you
Happy anniversary

27. If I had to ever explain
What makes the perfect man
I would take my husband’s name
Of whom, I am a diehard fan
He is the perfect life partner
There can never be
I am the luckiest wife ever
This, I declare again on our anniversary

28. This special date, our wedding anniversary
Is life’s way to make us realize and see
Every day, how we take each other for granted
And forget the things in life we really wanted
So let’s take stock and start afresh
Let’s break ourselves from the daily routine’s mesh
Let’s celebrate every day as if it were our anniversary
Making life a magical journey, for you and me

29. Whether it is our
Anniversary or not
I will always and always
Find you extremely hot
Regardless of whether it is
You or me
Committed to each other
We will always be
Happy anniversary

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